Sunday, 5 December 2010

Brotherhood Eltham and Vinnies Briar Hill.

Two opshops in two days left my wallet empty, but who cares when you come home with some great bargains?

Brotherhood of St.L: Pink Giordano $2, Dark purple tee with no brand name, $2.

Green tanktop Target $2, White Hawaii Tee (American brand) $3.

Patchwork book $3, Table linens book 50c.

Vinnies Briar Hill, (23 Sherbourne Road, Briar Hill, for those who have been asking. It's a part of Greensborough)
Sandals $4, Rivers thongs $2, white socks $1.

Family Circle book $1, Di Morrissey novel $1, magazine 50c

Laces $3 each card.


Jac said...

Great finds - I'm living vicariously through everyone else's finds as I am working full time up till Christmas, so no op shopping for me until 2011 now :(

Gina E. said...

Well, at least you will have some money at the end of it, to go and splurge at opshops in the new year!