Thursday, 1 April 2010

This week at The Brotherhood.

My friend G. and I paid our usual weekly visit to the Brotherhood opshop today, and as usual, we both came away happy little Vegemites! G. scored a complete set of soup tureen and bowls for $5, which she'd seen there two weeks ago for $25!

I found this assortment of goodies, all for $3.

I wouldn't have bought this magazine if it wasn't for these great transfers! They are not actually iron on transfers, but I'm planning to use several for embroidery patterns. Hens, teacups, cats - all in my line!

For 50c, I picked this dish up for Val, as she is very much into Japanese household stuff. If she doesn't want it, I won't mind keeping it.

Another UFO for my collection. Normally I would have left something like this, as the design to be embroidered is nothing special, but the drawn thread work around the border is gorgeous.

Bits of bling to have on hand.

I couldn't believe my luck when I found this apron for $1 - a Ken Done design! These are VERY popular, and I am sure it would fetch a lot more than $2 if it was sold or auctioned somewhere else.

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secondhandrose said...

Love the UFO stitchery!