Sunday, 11 April 2010

How Bowtiful

Hello to all the other op shoppers out there in the blog-o-sphere! This is my (Style Tweak) first post to the most marvelous Melbourne op shopping blog so I am most excited. A long term, most loyal op shopper, I love the thrill of finding treasures with ridiculous cheap price tags. Many of the glad rags and accessories that are complimented the most are pre-loved oppie pieces. Success usually comes when you least expect it and hard scrummaging does pay off, check out these pretty puppies $6! From an op shop behind the church on High St, Kew. Although they didn't fit me so I left them behind, sob if anyone is an 8-9 feel free to pay the ladies a visit. Tootlepip!

Style Tweak


Vintagesuburbia said...

Thank you for the tip. Unfortunately I am a size 6 (I know, tiny!) but the shoes are fabulous! great find and thanks for sharing
Maria, Vintage Suburbia

elledee said...

that show is completely adorable!

Studded Rose said...

Very cute shoes! Ash x

Fourth Daughter said...

Ooooh how I know the pain of finding amazing shoes that don't fit... anyone with small feet might like to check out the MS shop in Glen Waverley... Charles Jourdan boots in size 5 for $12 (?) the other day... so hard to accept they were just one size too small!!!