Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Speaking of Brunswick. If you're after plain, white cotton T shirts, I saw a heap of them at the Brotherhood in Brunswick for about $1 each. New, mid weight and not seconds. Good for tie die, sleeping in, or just wearing. Can't beat that price for pure cotton.


Anonymous said...

That's a real steal! I was wondering if you could help me find office wear clothes in plus sizes...Please!

Brucie said...

Anonymous, sorry to reply so late. Busy ain't the word. Savers is one of the best barns for plus sized clothes of all kinds - right up to size 26. They also have shelves of sized shoes upto size 11. The Brotherhood in Brunswick has had a Big is Beautiful rack for years. (Some of the best stuff is on it from time to time). I notice even some of the smaller shops now have plus size sections. Why not post a message on the blog so others can help with your search too?