Friday, 11 October 2013

Off the beaten track in Burnley

It's been a while since I posted- hello again! There's been a few changes in my life- new job, youngest child started school, and I have also been focused on buying less stuff- which means less op shopping. I have been visiting opshops, but mainly to drop items off, rather than bring them home. However, seeing as it's Buy Nothing New Month it feels somewhat obligatory to go op shopping :).

Yesterday I paid a visit to St Bart's Op Shop at 290 Burnley Street, Burnley, in between Swan Street and Bridge Road. I was in the area visiting friends and lucked out in finding it open. It's certainly off the beaten track for me, as I was visiting from Ballarat.

I scored a short jacket for $10, a top for $3, a pair of shoes for $5 and a white scarf for a dollar.

There were heaps of shoes in my size as well (size 71/2).

It felt good to score some items from which I will get a lot of wear!

St Bart's is open Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday 10am-4pm.


Anonymous said...

Great finds. I don't know that op shop. Haven't been that way for a long long time!

DIAN said...

I don't visit the inner city much so thanks for mentioning this shop.
Your purchases look fantastic. Isn't it great when you find just what you need. Thanks for sharing.