Saturday, 26 October 2013

A week later at the BSL.

I did a silly thing today.  I was pressured into  persuaded to be our BSL committee secretary.  The ladies who are currently on this committee have been there for years, and want a break.  I did NOT want to be president, treasurer, OH &S rep, Roster keeper, or anything else that required visits to other meetings and lots of phone calls, and our manager said that the Secretary only has to take the minutes at one meeting a year - the AGM, and that was about all!  I said I can do that, so my name was put down and seconded by the two ladies in the shop with me today.  Hmmm....we'll see.  One thing about voluntary work, you can walk away from it any time you like, if something upsets you, but of course you don't like to leave people in the lurch, so it is a commitment.
Anyway, here is what I brought home today.  The first lot are for me.  A little ceramic pumpkin for $3 that has a lid which is lifted off to reveal...

 This!  Isn't that CUUUUUUUUUUUTE!  
 A cameo from something that was broken off, hence the price of 50c.  Great for embellishment of patchwork projects.
 Book by one of my favourite writers - 70c.  I thought I'd read all Di's books, but I don't remember this one.

Millers black short sleeved blouse. - $1. Can't see in this pic, but it has really nice buttons.  Such a useful shirt that can be worn in many ways.

The next items are to be shown to friends who are interested in rubber stamping, and books on Royalty.
There was a box of rubber stamps on the front counter when I came in and I brought home this lot, which was about half of what was in the box.  One of the customers told me there were more yesterday, and I'm betting the best ones had already gone, but these looked nice to me.  What a bargain at around $3 each; these stamps cost heaps at craft shops!

The manager had put aside two old royal memorabilia books for me, since I told her I knew someone who collected them.  So I need to photograph them and email my friend to see if she'd like them.  If she doesn't, I can return them to the shop.


DIAN said...

love the pumpkin - and I hope the commitment is not too onerous.

Rubber stamps are always useful. Really.

Carmen Neutral said...

You go girl. Due to family commitments, I've had to take a hiatus from my Op-Shoppery volunteer role. And only now after some months away from it (from following your posts) I'm half-itching to get back into it. The activity of sorting through and dealing with other people's cast-offs, is something that's both constructive, and addictive.

Anonymous said...

The pumpkin is hilarious!