Saturday, 19 October 2013

Brotherhood opshop Eltham last Friday.

A couple of little finds on Friday. Two books below (one Sudoku 60c and a novel, 70c) I also bought two craft magazines for 20c each but didn't take pictures of them.

Patchwork fabric panel $1.50

Knitwear vest $3.  I have a red vest but it is fleece and only suitable for wearing around the house.  This one is a bit more dressy.

I also bought a necklace for 50c and a suitcase on wheels for $5.  We rarely travel far but when we have, we find that ordinary suitcases can become very heavy as you get older!  I've envied those people who have been wheeling their cases along on built in wheels, and now I have one of my own.

The lacework below is a gift from the manager of our opshop.  She and her husband have just come home after an overseas trip, and she bought us all a little souvenir.  This is from Strasbourg (France).

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DIAN said...

Great finds Gina. Love that lace you were given. I know you will treasure it.