Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Savers Mill Park.

I found four terrific art books at our BSL opshop last week, but haven't got around to photographing them.  But on Monday I met a friend at Savers in Mill Park, and found some great goodies!
Two gorgeous cot quilts $3.99 each, which I am donating to the PNG Quilt Collective (see my other blog if you want to know more)

Two very sweet tea bag holders, $1.99 each.

I love journals and have at least a dozen!   This one was $1.99

The stencil below and the writing paper and matching envelopes below that, were in one bag for $1.99

Five Mills & Boone novels, 99 cents each.

A gift box containing a birthday book and notebook, $2.99.  On the box it says there is an address book as well, but as it wasn't in the box it looks like whoever donated this to Savers only wanted the address book!


cookiecrumbs said...

I love those teabag holders!!

Gina E. said...

Yes, I thought they were cute too, and couldn't stop at just one!