Thursday, 5 September 2013

Ice cream, I scream!

On the way to work on Wednesday we popped into Lighthouse on Geelong Road, where I spied an ice-cream maker, still in it's box, for $15. Unfortunately I had left my wallet at home! So I nipped back there on Thursday and to my delight it was still on the shelf. Score!

Not only was it still in it's original box, with all the original packaging and the instruction book, the warranty AND the purchase receipt were carefully tucked into the box! And in fact it still under warranty for another four months! Big thanks to the donater - it was purchased around December last year so I'm guessing it was an unwanted Christmas gift. Looking forward to some of that warm weather from earlier in the week so I can try this bad boy out!
In other news, I recently took a trip overseas to the good old US of A. Now we've all heard that 'thrift' stores over there are absolute goldmines, and I can now provide evidence!
I had a few extra days in San Francisco, which from blog-world is one of the op-shopping epicentres of the States, so I made sure I spent some quality time in the Mission District which is full of great shops, such as the mind-bogglingly huge Thrift Town:

Then there was the giant warehouse that was The Salvation Army - this pic only shows one half of the shop!
I found a gorgeous red suede jacket which fit me perfectly, and was quite willing to pay the $14 on the tag - until I got to the register and found out it was half-price that day! Woohoo!

I also went to a place called Community Thrift, but you had to check your bag at the counter and I forgot to grab my camera out, so no pics.

Later in the trip, I went to San Diego - my tour group were at the beach but I was like 'there's at least 3 thrift shops within walking distance - catch ya later!' I hit the Cerebral Palsy Thrift Store, Thrift Trader, the very fashionable Buffalo Exchange, and this Goodwill...

... where I found a pair of genuine Levi's, perfect fit, for $7.99.

I also did some shopping in Seattle, another thrift-shopping hub. For some more pics have a look at my blog posts.
Hope you're all well! Have a good weekend & happy shopping!


Gina E. said...

WOW! DOUBLE WOW! I didn't think the USA were so big with op (thrift) shops! I guess since their financial meltdown in recent years, a lot more people need somewhere cheap to shop. What a great opportunity for you; I would have made the most of my time too!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to go op shopping in Seattle!