Monday, 22 July 2013

mentone salvos vintage night

Last week on Thursday afternoon I had a half hour or so to spare between an appointment in Mentone and school pickup so, of course, I went to the op shop. I pondered a bit, shall I stop here or head up to Cheltenham? Shall I go to St Augustine's or the Salvos? I decided on the Salvos in Florence Street Mentone and what serendipity - they were advertising a vintage night from 7 to 9pm, that very night!

I explained to my husband that it was a quasi-professional responsibility that I attend so that evening I was back at the op shop. It was very busy - they had live music (I wonder whether anyone has ever donated a double bass? I have seen pianos ...), door prizes, nibbles and lots and lots of customers.

It was so busy that it was quite difficult to do any shopping and everyone seemed to be walking by on their way to the counter with awesome stuff that they were about to pay for. And I had forgotten that eighties counts as vintage these days which scares me quite a lot.

Nevertheless, I persisted and found an undisturbed pile of vintage tea towels, a couple of which are shown above along with an apron which will be perfect for playing ballet school and a clock that ticks really loudly. It's already been banished from our bedroom.

Not pictured is an old-fashioned bean slicer, a milk jug, a floral tin, a needlepoint cushion, some Enid Blyton books and a couple of purple glass bottles. It was a wonderful night and I'm sure an incredible success. Hooray for the Salvos!


Ren said...

Oh I hear you about the 80s style being considered vintage now! Very scary indeed!

Anonymous said...

I'm a mature age student and the youngies in my course consider the 90s as vintage! Love the clock.

Dianne said...

What a great idea to have live music & a shopping night! Totally agree about the 80's ! Mind you , having seen some of the fashions around lately- chambray shirts & printed jeans, the 80's seem to be making a come back!

Gina E. said...

Some brash kid saw my Nokia phone recently and called it a 'retro phone'. Retro? It's only 12 years old, for goodness sake!