Thursday, 18 July 2013

Brotherhood shop Eltham.

It's about time I updated our blog to show what I've been buying while I'm on duty at our opshop.  I usually buy a few bits and pieces most weeks but then I get home and put them away before I remember to photograph them.  But there hasn't been anything startling to photograph lately.  Not that today's lot is much out of the ordinary, but at least I'm making an effort to post something!!

I have several of the usual round strainers and have sometimes thought that a cone shaped strainer would come in handy, but didn't bother paying full retail price for one at kitchen shops. But  this only cost me 50c.

Saw these foot pads advertised in a health magazine or something and wondered if they would help my feet when they ache.  This unopened box cost me $1.

This patchwork book and starters kit was $5, but I think I'll be taking it back to the shop this week.  I'm not a beginner at patchwork now, and this book didn't teach me anything I don't already know.  Dunno why I bought it really!

Being on the till in the shop means I don't immediately see what is brought in to be donated.  People just walk through the door past me with boxes and bags and drop all the loot in the back room with the ladies who are sorting.  So when I went out there to grab a cuppa this morning and saw a heap of Tarot card packs on the bench, I pounced!  I love Tarot cards!  Altogether there were about six boxes of Tarot and other 'fortune' cards, which I'm not as interested in, so I just grabbed this Sacred Art  Tarot pack ($2)

Native American Medicine cards ($1) and book (70c)

and this book for 70 cents.

The other three packs of cards were snapped up from the shop shelf within about 20 minutes!  These would have gone too, if I hadn't seen them in time ;-)


Anonymous said...

Your tarot finds are amazing!

kushami said...

Unfortunately the foot pads are a scam, but at least your money went to a good cause this time, as opposed to the original purchase.

"Toxins" cannot leave your body through your skin, and the darkening of the pads is simply caused by sweat - you can replicate the effect by applying a drop of water.

Gina E. said...

Kushami, thanks for your comment! I must admit I am skeptical about these foot pad things, and haven't tried them yet. But for the price it could be interesting to experiment :-)