Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Binocular case into handbag

I popped into the local OpShop in O. Grove to look for chiffony scarves for a music class I teach. No scarves but found this for $2. Not sure what it will be used for: handbag, display of dried flowers and herbs, probably anything but binoculars!
I also managed to buy over two metres of new good quality calico (an end of roll) for $4 and a binder in excellent condition These will be used for the course I am doing with SW TAFE on Machine Embroidery.


Gina E. said...

I've got a leather bag just like that - it came with my Dad's binoculars, and they'll stay together - in my lifetime, anyway!
The calico is a great buy. I've found metres of calico in various opshops over the years and I used to always buy it but I've got a box full of it, so I leave it in the opshops for others now. It comes in handy for so many sewing projects.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing vintage items being repurposed!