Saturday, 30 October 2010

Propeller Clock

Has anyone been down to Oakleigh Salvos recently ? The store has some pretty good stuff and is about to have a bit of a makeover (so I heard anyway). They have a new manager and some nice updated window displays.
Got this really cool propeller clock for $5. Don't know if it works or not since I can't find a single battery in the house but who cares. It looks very cool.


Jac said...

Awesome clock!! Very nautical almost, looks like an old boat propellor!

Oakleigh does have some good op shops... if you're after good books the Vinnies is amazing. It's off Warrigal Rd (can't remember the street) but close to the intersection of Warrigal and Dandnong rds.

Gina E. said...

That clock is seriously cool! I'm surprised it got as far as an opshop - it looks like it would be at home in an antique shop. Be interesting to find out if it is worth much.