Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I saw a green, vintage Tupperware one of these in an op shop a while ago, but at $10 I thought that hardly constituted a bargain. Then I saw it at a different op shop for $3, but it was too late! I'd already snapped up this pre-loved IKEA one for $3! Oh well - the important thing is that now when I grate cheese or carrot it doesn't fly all over the place. And it converts to a storage container just like the lovely Tupperware one did.

More op shop finds on my blog.


Jac said...

I love reading your blog Amy!

Great find too - my sister bought one of those a year or so again and it makes grating veggies and cheese etc so much easier! And it can go in the fridge as they come with a lid! Very nifty!

Fourth Daughter said...

Great to have you on board, Amy, although I've never read your blog (yet!) I always look forward to your column in the weekend paper. But am always envious because you seem to get to op shops right over the other side of town from me!