Friday, 22 October 2010

Praise the ope shope gods

Yesterday was one of those days - the ope shope gods were shining their benign thrifty light down on me. I'll let the images tell you the story.

$1 each

'The Farm Theotime' - pub. 1949 (50 sensis)

50 sensis

I have a bedspread similar to the one on top R

Dolly - 1972 (50 sensis)

 I want a Pot o' Gloss for Christmas

I really just want to scan the entire magazine for you

$3 Mental Illness oppy in Kew - to match my...

oven mitt - had this for years
 And the thing I'm most excited about:

1951 National Geographic map o' da woild - 50 sensis

 Yes - 50 sensis!

Everything except the apron is from Vinnies in Kew. They had some wonderful crockery if you're interested. It was a good day. 

See more of my showing off here.


Katie said...

That Dolly magazine looks fantastic! I'd totally read a scan of it if you ever had the time to do it.

Ky said...

Ooooo, I'll have to pop in and check it out. I haven't been to that op shop yet.
Great finds for you! Even better prices.

katiecrackernuts said...

The Dolly magazine is classic. Noice find.

zigsma said...

The pricing is all over the shop - I mean that metaphorically, because obviously the shop is covered with priced goods.:) It's consistently inconsistent. The 50 cent bargains are unusual for that particular Vinnies (though generally, most of the Vinnies I'm familiar with are not Nana prices) - so I was extra excited.

muchlove said...

wow, amazing finds!! and excellent prices too.. 50 cents for such gems.

~ Mary said...

Great finds! I didn't know there was a Vinnie's at Kew!! I must check it out :)

Fourth Daughter said...

I usually resist the magazine section as my house is full of magazines (seeing as I used to work at one!!) but if I had known such amazing finds as that Dolly were out there... I think I have every copy of Dolly from about 1988 to 1991 but none from that far back! That one should be in a museum, it's so cool! Love the Cottons book too. Amazing finds. Hmm, will have to think up an excuse that takes me to Kew...

Martin said...

That apron and those gloves are splendid (i'm a little jealous...although I'd probably buy them and never wear them..just hang them up to look nice :) )