Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Running Amok at Savers and Vinnies!

I got some good news today from Centrelink (I'm eligible for a pension) so with a few hundred extra dollars in the bank, I figured what better way to start spending than at an opshop! Actually, it wasn't quite like that. I broke the glass carafe that goes with our coffee maker, and haven't been able to replace it. So I thought I'd start looking in op shops, as I have seen them there before. However, Murphy's Law prevailed today, and there was not one coffee carafe to be seen. Well, I was there, so I may as well look at everything else. So glad I did! At Savers in Greensborough, I bought two pairs of NEW sneakers for $7 a pair, and a pair of lovely soft slipper/shoes for $4. Second hand, but in good nick, and sooooo comfortable on my aching feet tonight!

I wasn't going to buy any clothes, but found these two blouses for around $5 each, and decided to get them to put away for summer. I've already got a black teeshirt, but these are a bit more dressy than that, although these photos don't do them justice.

The watch I have been wearing for the last 5 years or so is an Avon watch, and for $12 it has done really well; in fact is still going. But the face is scratched and it has never been easy to read, so I lashed out on this nice big watch with figures instead of dots, and a moon phase thing as well, for $15. The little cat ear rings cost $10, more than I realised, until I'd paid for them, bearing in mind that I don't wear ear rings! I bought them to use as embellishments on crazy patchwork and other craft stuff.

I'm always on the lookout for bias binding. I've got a box full of it already in a variety of colours, and I've got plans for most of it! This lot cost me $4.

I also bought two embroidered pictures at Savers, but have put them on my Linens blog here.
Down the road at Vinnies, still looking for the elusive coffee jug, I found these:
Some more stunning ties to add to the bulging bag of ties in my craft cupboard, $2 each.

Two glasses to replace the ones that have been broken lately (50c each), and a Pyrex dish ($8) in exactly the size I've been after for ages! I have a pottery 'lasagne' dish like this, but it has a huge crack, and I know one day, a casserole will end up all over my oven when the dish breaks.

This cute coin purse ($1)will be offered to a friend who loves anything British. If she doesn't want it, I'll be happy to keep it.

The guy at Vinnies asked if I wanted a bag for the glassware and ties, and I said yes please, so he pulled this one out from under the counter - much nicer than an ordinary plastic bag!


Linens and Royals said...

Some good bargains there Gina! a lot of my clothes come from op shops too, after all when you collect, spend money on craft and have two expensive cats to keep, well i'm always on the lookout for bargains.

nollyposh said...

Gina when you get a chance to come over in the other direction... Try out Dandenong Savers ~Fabulous~ so organised and they have "specials days" (Last time i was there i got x3 summer tops for $10!) X:-)

Doreen G said...

I wish I had known you were after bias binding Gina I sent a heap to the op shop last week.
Will let you know when I get more if you like.

billy boy & mia said...

wow, some great purchases! Great shoes and shirts :)

heartofpearl ♡ said...

ahah what a lovely bag:) i do admit i buy some basics from supre but sort of try and hide that bag into my own bag:)
anyway i really adore those cat earrings. so gorgeous! but i hardly buy earrings at op shops only bcos my ears are very sensitive and i need sterling silver so i have to say bye to all the cute earrings. the floral tie is something id purchase right away! i miss op shopping now :( x