Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Another new (to me) oppy

I went to meet friends for morning coffee in Brighton, just opposite the St Andrews Church Op Shop - just too hard to resist popping in before time on my carpark ran out. A Scientific American, 1982, from the free basket, just because I like the fish. May be used in a collage. There are some great images of brains inside, too.

Continuing my enjoyment of Richard Gordon's Doctor... series with two I haven't read before, $1 each. A red covered novel for my ongoing art project, 50c, and "Cornet of Dragoons" because I loved the cover, also 50c. I may use the Dragoon dustjacket for collage or drawing over, and the book also goes into my stash of books for the mysterious project.

Two brooches, bear and bub and Mr. Moose, $1 each. Matchbox for scale. There was a basketful of these brooches on the counter.

There were three or four issues of Golden Homes, too, which I'm assuming is similar to the popular Golden Hands series, but I hadn't seen the Homes before.

Where is everyone? All op-shopped out? Hibernating for the winter? I love seeing the treasures others find.

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Notjustnat said...

They are so cool. Great finds. I just email the blog founder (sorry I couldn't find the name) and asked if I could join-up! I am a BIG TIME op-shopper and hope I can be part of it soon. It looks like fun - Hugs Natima