Monday, 20 August 2007

a tablecloth dress

The weekend before last I went to see this production 'My Life in a Tablecloth dress'. And indeed, Joanne O'Callaghan did wear a very fetching dress made from a tablecloth. Nice work, Joanne!

Interspersed with some cabaret song numbers she went through 10 good reasons to op shop - including supporting charity, wearing something unique, saving the planet and grabbing a bargain. She also included procrastinating by going op shopping. Sacred Heart Mission on Grey Street in St Kilda got a mention, including the bloke who sits on the stoop there and lets you know the opening hours. Anyway, I'm very glad to see op shopping taking centre stage.

One of the things that I find most gratifying about op shopping is confirmation of my 'eye for fashion' - that is, when in amongst a crowded rack you spy some fabric and think 'yes, that's lovely' and it turns out to be an Italian designer label. Like the Romeo Gigli 100% wool jacket that I bought today at Salvation Army in St Kilda. It was priced at $55 (no thank you) but when I enquired at the counter the kind volunteer told me that those prices were old and that I could have it for $15. Excellent! I intend to use the fabric for a child's coat. Having said which, an equal number of times I have spied something and thought the cut was great only to check the label and find that it came from Target. Just goes to show (perhaps that Target's range is really improving).


Anonymous said...

And in the UK it is charity shops (as opposed to Op or thrift shops) which makes the activity of visiting them 'chazzing' in my vocabulary. I've been shopping in them since I was a student eleventy-hundred years ago and some of my best clothes have cost me less than a fiver.

Di said...

Nooooo--- you can't cut up a Romeo Gigli jacket!!! (jealous I am..)