Friday, 3 August 2007

Mitropa teapot

Another one from me: this little teapot is another Savers find. Can't remember whether it was Sydney Rd or Footscray. $2

I love this teapot. I love the typeface, the functional, practical design (might be a throw back to GDR style utilitarianism - I'm thinking The Lives of Others and 'grey men'). I believe Mitropa is/was the catering company for the German railways.

Check out Wikipedia for a bit of background.


Anonymous said...

Yea, back in time. When I saw this picture it so reminded me of my teenage time in th GDR. you are absolutly right, MITROPA was the catering company of the eastgerman railroad. All their cups, plates, mugs etc. had this print. I would love to own one myself. Kathi

Kimski said...

Did you know this before you bought the tea pot, or did you google afterwards to find out what the strange word meant?

Very cool. I am in awe.

_________________ said...

Hi Kimski - I didn't know about the origins of Mitropa until after I bought the teapot. I initially thought it might be Polish...I really just like it for its simplicity of design. I like the typeface too.

Anonymous said...

Itis from a product line called Rationell designed by Margarete Jahny. You can read more about it here [ ]