Sunday, 4 May 2014

Ringwood East Bargain Browser & Tecoma Salvos

Yesterday, we just happened to work a couple of op shops into completely unrelated activities.  This is the only way to do things, right?  Firstly, my concert band happened to be playing at the Ringwood East Community Market, so once we were done, I got sucked into the 'Bargain Browser' op shop while my husband went and bought me a coffee (presumably as a reward for not missing all of my cues while playing).

The Bargain Browser is full of treasures... possibly too full.  It was very difficult to get around and there were a lot of people in there as a result of the market just across the road.  I did manage to find these treats, though.

I recently decided I needed to start sewing, so now I'm on the lookout for vintage and retro sewing patterns to add to my knitting and crochet ones.

Looking closer at the Style pattern, I noticed a couple of things...

1. It somehow made the journey all the way from Maryborough to Ringwood East.
2. It originally cost $1.80.  To buy an equivalent pattern nowadays, you'd need to add another zero to that price.

Later in the day, we found ourselves in Tecoma, so we checked out the new Salvos there.  I rarely find exciting things in Salvos stores, but I did find a dress that had the strangest fit on the bodice.  I loved the material and the skirt, though, and was about to put it back when I realised I could just cut the top off and turn it into an actual skirt.

I just couldn't resist that flying bird print!

It cost $12.50, but there's a lot of fabric in that skirt.  Plus, most of the work is already done for me - all I need to do is take the top off, remove the side zip and add some elastic for a waistband.  Although, given that my last experience of altering an op shop buy was to remove an attached belt and belt loops, this could be a little adventurous.  Still, I should learn something new along the way, with any luck.


Corinne said...

I love your fabric find! It is beautiful!

Katie said...

Isn't it fantastic? I couldn't resist it.

Danielle Underwood said...

Hi there, there is also a much cheaper op shop just next door to salvos called PWP, and three more recycled clothing stores along burwood hwy across from salvos.
Dani :)

Katie said...
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Katie said...

Hi, Dani. We recently visited the PWP op shop and loved it! That's definitely my type of op shop. I'll definitely have a look out for those recycled clothing stores the next time I'm in the area - thanks!