Tuesday, 6 May 2014

BSL Eltham last Friday.

I was feeling like death warmed up last week, but didn't want to miss any bargains on my shift...not really the case.  There was only one other volunteer working on Friday afternoon, and if I hadn't been there, she would have had to shut the shop, as one person cannot manage the till and sort the donations at the same time.  I suspected my 'illness' was just extreme tiredness, as I wasn't sick or coughing.  Anyway, it was a worthwhile afternoon.
Three beautiful little ceramic plates for $1 each.

This cute little container with hen on top - $1

More cuteness in the form of a hand made tea cosy with gumnut babies peeping over the top! $2.50

John O'Grady wrote "They're a Weird Mob" a thousand years ago (well it seems that long to me) and it is still one of my favourite funny books, so when I spied this on the shelf for 60c I had to have it - needed something to make me smile, the way I was feeling!


cookiecrumbs said...

Hope you're feeling better Gina! Nothing like a little bargain 'retail therapy' to lift the spirits :-)

Linda said...

Good on you Gina for volunteering even when feeling awful. Hope you are ok now. I love seeing what delights you find....keep them coming!!