Saturday, 1 June 2013

Weekend Haul!

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I have been busy studying and refashioning some of my op shop purchases!

Here are some goodies I picked up yesterday and today.

Friday, Vinnies Altona North: Blue Tag Sale!

 I saw this Witchery skirt a few weeks ago and liked its interesting detail, but not enough to put in the work required to make it fit me; but when I saw it on the $1 rack I didn't hesitate.

These wool and wool-blend men's trousers were also on the $1 rack, which was great as I am collecting woolen trouser fabric for a thrifty project. And these $1 jeans will look great cut off as shorts once summer comes around again!

 Then at lunchtime we whipped over to Missionpoint on Somerville Road, where I picked up a couple of tops for $4.50 total. With a couple of alterations these are going to become pyjama tops ;-)

Also at Somerville Rd I grabbed this cute little milk jug which will have a new life as a much-needed loose change jar.

Finally we swung over to the Bargain Centre in Yarraville where I found some more wool pants on the half-price rack. Yay! But I won't bore you with yet more pictures of my wool trouser collection :-)

Then, Saturday morning my housemate convinced me to accompany him to Vinnies in Newport. The half-price rack there yielded this lovely Peter Alexander brushed cotton maxi-dress (or possibly a nightie?) with a sweet little winter scene print - half price, it was $3.50.

The coathangers were $1 each (considering my ability to buy clothes, I'm always running out of coathangers!) I also found a beautiful multicolored silk scarf for $2, and two packets of knicker elastic were $2 each. (for my adventures in knicker-making!)
If you know anyone who does lingerie sewing, there were several lots of very lovely stretchy lingerie lace there also, the  kind that's about 15cm wide - looked like some unsold stock from a fabric shop. Sorry I forgot to take a pic of those, but I think they were about $4 per reel (there would have been a few metres on each reel).
Happy shopping everyone! Hope you have a good weekend!

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DIAN said...

Great finds and great prices. It is good to see that your outing was so worthwhile.