Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Are you all hibernating??

Surely not!  Opshoppers do their thing all year round, don't they?   Maybe others have been like me lately - due to lack of time or other reasons,  guilty of not posting their finds on here :-(
Well, here are some of my latest finds.  Unfortunately my camera isn't doing too well with colours lately, so you will have to believe my written descriptions instead of your eyes, lol!

Child's patchwork quilt - $4.  Much nicer than in this photo, beautifully made and in excellent condition. For those of you who know that I don't have any kids, I bought this to give to my husband's cousin, who works in Papua New Guinea with native people who have been displaced by mining companies.  They are forced to move to colder areas and have no way of keeping their babies and children warm, so I'm donating cot quilts to cousin to take over over there for 'her babies'.

This jacket is nylon with brushed cotton lining - $3.50.  I wanted something that will be wind and shower proof to replace two of my jackets that are neither, and don't fit me any more.  This fits well, and is longer than the others too, which will be warmer.
 I get really cold in winter and usually wear spencers under my sweaters and blouses.   Underwear is mostly black or white, but this one (2.50) is light blue (not grey!).

Hard cover book $8.
 Fabulous piece of woven fabric with a Chinese design.  Very hard to photograph, the colour is more teal than this blue, and you can't see the design clearly.  It is the size of a single bedspread or a large tablecloth.  I don't know what I'll use it for yet, but I love it!  Even Tiger approves, sniffing around at the bottom of it!


DIAN said...

Hello Gina, I am still here but have been extra busy lately. I bought a dressing table for our guest room last week and it arrived today. It is from Vinnies and I will try to take a pic and photograph it tomorrow.

Good to see you are still shopping.

cookiecrumbs said...

Gorgeous fabric!! I'm quite jealous :-)

Anonymous said...

The Renoir book would look lovely on a coffee table. Nice to have some colour in winter.