Monday, 5 September 2011

Savers in Mill Park.

I got my hair cut and coloured today, and as I was in Mill Park, it was an ideal opportunity to drop into Savers on Childs Road. I must have been there for two hours! For some reason it was fairly quiet this morning, and it was nice to just wander around up and down the aisles without being pushed aside by over-enthusiastic shoppers. Monday is their day for giving 20% off everything for seniors card holders. The girl at the cash register asked if I had a Savers Discount card and when I said no she said "Oh what a pity I can't give you any discounts, you're too young to have a Seniors Card"...then I flashed my Seniors card and my pension card, and she blinked and said "that's good enough!".

Hubby has been after a box to store all his heart medications, instead of in the shoe box I provided! I found the perfect size plastic box for $5.99.

I found these fabrics in the tablecloth section. I suppose you can make a tablecloth out of any fabrics, but I've got better ideas for these two! A yard of black gingham $4.99. The brown (colour in photo is not right) fabric is 41" wide by 2-1/2 yards long, for $6.99.

Three ties $1.99 each. The tie with books on is perfect for a project I'm working on, that needs books on a shelf - I'd been looking for fabric like that for ages! The next tie has cats on it - first one I've ever seen, and I love the colours of the third one.

This mug is for one of my friends, who has two plates in this design, and will be tickled pink to get a matching mug for $1.

This little book was $1.99, and well worth it - gorgeous illustrations of 'calling cards' that predate our modern day 'business cards'.

For a total of $26.90 worth of goods, I paid $$21.60 - way to go!


itsanaddiction said...

oooh! I was in an op shop in Perth yesterday and there was a set of 4 of that exact mug!!!

Lyndel said...

great shopping as always Gina. Mondays and Thursdays are always OUT for me, pity as y'day was such great weather and now Tues is raining. Have a shopping bag full of dirty linens to sort and soak tho, hoping some are OK.

Stephanie said...

The Mugs! Would you believe I have just given a set of 4 to my Mother as I was cleaning out. They were and engagement present to my Husband and his ex-wife :) I could probably get one back for you for your friend..My Mum is in Eltham.