Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Dunolly op shop

Pack your bags and have a weekend away exploring Central Vic op shops!
Well, I can speak for the Dunolly Uniting Church op shop at least ;)

It's open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, along with every second Saturday of the month while hosting the regular carboot sale/market in the car park.
If you pop up during the carboot weekend you may as well stay overnight as the Dunolly Market will be held on the Sunday.

But getting back to the op shop - they have their Spring/Summer range in stock at silly prices, all styles, ranges and sizes.
In fact all of their stock is marked at ridiculously cheap prices - hand-embroidered doilies/tablesclothes starting at $1, collectable glassware and crystal beginning at 50 cents, the list is endless!

I found some brand new Hugo Boss jeans for the hubby for $5, a pair of new women's Summer culottes for $2, 2 pairs of casual shorts (1x male, 1x ladies) for $2 each, with the usual balls of wool (50 cents) books ($1) and things that caught my sons eye (50 cents each).

The op shop is housed in the (former) Wesleyan Jubilee Sunday School built in 1887 (as seen below, click for larger view), behind the Dunolly Uniting Church in Barkly Street, Dunolly.



Anonymous said...

Finally an op shop of old with reasonable prices for donated goods. I hope this little treasure keeps its prices in perspective. Thanks for letting us know about this gem.

secondhandrose said...

Wow, looks like a fantastic location and the prices sound great.

MrsCuddy said...

When we travel to melb from country vic/nsw border, we purposefully go via dunolly just for the op shop! Even though its avctually a bit out of our way! :) best op shop EVER!!!