Sunday, 8 August 2010

Putting It All Together

Gorgeous (and new!) black satin heels $9.99 at Salvo's Dandenong
Mink denim black skinny jeans $8.99 Salvo's Dandenong
All About Eve tshirt $4.99 Salvo's Dandenong
M-One-11 chunky cardigan $6.99 (I think... I have blogged about it previously) Salvo's Dandenong


Erica Louise said...

Well done! There is nothing like putting together an entire op shopped outfit, nice shoes !

Fourth Daughter said...

...nice.. and look at my lovely earrings from Savers Dandenong!

Mon Cheri said...

ooo great finds!!

love those shoes <3


Natalie said...

the sweater looks so comfy! :)