Friday, 6 August 2010

Asian souvenirs

Somebody around here is obviously getting rid of souvenirs of a trip to China, or cleaning out an estate of a Chinese person! There are so many Asian artifacts at the local opshops recently. I'm a sucker for anything Chinese or Japanese, so these found their way back home with me this week.

This isn't a kimono, because it only comes down past my hips. I've heard them called "Happy Coats". I was happy enough paying only $15 for this!

There were two of these books for $1.30 each, but I only bought one. This is the slip cover that the book resides in. (The photo I took of the actual book cover didn't turn out)

The pages are light cardboard, and the pictures are actually cut outs, protected under a cellophone sheet. Very unusual and quite beautiful.


Jac said...

Wow the book sounds really unique.. I haven't come across a book like that before.
If you're really into Asian inspired homewares and clothing, there is a Sacred Heart Mission op shop at the corner of Glenferrie and Riversdale Roads... it hasn't been open very long (I think I have blogged about it before) but they have HEAPS of such stuff. Lots of like yum chat cutlery and bowl sets, teapots, candles, clothing etc... and really reasonably priced for brand new stuff!

Fourth Daughter said...

Those paper cut outs are cool...
The coat is called a happi coat, it's a short version of a kimono, used at festivals.
Salvos in Victoria St Richmond had HEAPS of two-piece suits made from Chinesey fabric the other day, I think a tailor around that area must have just gone bust.
I've just got around to fixing some boots I got at the Salvos, have a look at the result!

Gina E. said...

Thanks for those tips, Jac and F.D. - much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

nice photos :)

i have a fashion blog too :) !

i hope you'll like it!