Thursday, 4 February 2010

Frankston Opping

These finds are from a trip to Frankston in December, to take advantage of one of Saver's half price garment Mondays. There are enough op shops in the main shopping area to make a day trip a worthwhile exercise - I think I visited five, including Savers. Above are a jumper and cardigan which I intend to deconstruct for the yarn. You can't ever have too much yarn :)

The purple cardi has giant snaps down the front, which I'll also reclaim and repurpose. I'd priced snaps about this size in the haberdashery section a while back and they retail for at least $1 each, and I have six of them now. Both knits were two or three dollars each.

A large scarf featuring a gorgeous print of horses. I tried to convince the checkout operator that scarves are apparel, but apparently they're considered accessories and not included in the half price offer. Still a bargain at $3.95, I think. I may turn this one into a halter top, if I can bear to cut it.

A cowboy motif doona cover that I'll use as fabric. I couldn't resist the cute print. Enough here to make a shirt, a skirt and still have some left over. Can't remember the price exactly, but it was
about $5.
A gorgeous green caftan, for me to wear in the heat. Cool and comfortable now that I've altered it to my satisfaction: it was a little tight over the Rack of Doom, so I let it out at the side seams only to find that this rendered it rather shapeless in other areas. So I added a couple of waist ties to tie at the back and now I love it. $9 at Savers.

An "Eight Wives of Henry the VIII" tea towel, to be refashioned into a tote bag. $1.95.
(Edited: Obviously that was meant to be "Six Wives of Henry VIII" - I think Melbourne's hot and muggy spell has damaged my brain)

An Isle of Wight tea towel, also to be refashioned into a tote bag. Also $1.95. Both tea towels from Savers.

On the same trip, I also bought ten balls of black mohair yarn, at $1 a ball in St Vinnies, plus a
set of dominoes for $2 in another op shop (can't remember which, memory failure due to hot weather). Like I wrote earlier, can't have too much yarn! The dominoes are intended for a jewellery project I have in mind, and they came in a little wooden box that I'll use for something else. A good day.


Susan L (lily40au) said...

what a fantastic haul ... I must get back to Frankson and have another scout around.

Jayne said...

Great finds!
Will be planning a day of it down there soon!

Gina E. said...

Frankston used to be such a long drive from Eltham, but Eastlink has cut the driving time in half, so I might venture down there one day, if I can find someone to navigate for me!!
You did really well, and I love your ideas for recycling - especially remaking the caftan. Love those on a hot day!

Mylie said...

I love the cowboy print!!
Its adorable!! Please post pics of when you make whatever it is you choose to.. Id love to see the end result!