Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Did anyone here go on the Opshop Tour?

I would love to read about it if you did. I'd love to go on a trip like that, but I really don't need to...I do my own opshop tours without any help, lol.
Popped into the local Brotherhood shop again today and found these goodies. It really is a neat little shop, they always seem to have new stuff coming in, and put it on the shelves within minutes of receiving and pricing it! They are just down the road from me; too close really....I can't resist dropping in when I walk by ;-)

This cotton hand embroidered cloth was 40 cents. I've got hundreds, but this is so beautifully stitched, I couldn't leave it behind for that price.

I fell in love with this enamel brooch for $4, thinking I would use it to embellish a crazy patchwork block, but when I got it home and had a closer look, I decided no, it's too good for that, so it's in my jewellery box.

Here is the brooch again, with a bead necklace for 50 cents. I would normally not have looked twice at that, but have a look at the top I was wearing today - perfect match!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the brooch! I bought an old bank badge (a bank that no longer exists, the brooch is their old logo) and had dreams of repurposing it but now it's now in my jewellery box as is... :)