Friday, 10 April 2009

My finds over the past week

Trish here from Trish Hunter Finds

Its been a while since I've posted here so thought on such a day off, with no opshops open and nothing but cleaning the house to do, I'd share some of the things I found in the past week or so.

No idea if they're genuine or not, my thought is 'not' but they could be.... Chanel shoes probably 80's era.

Pretty doll


This belt is so so rad. It is made similarly to those snakes that bend and look real when you move them!

Glomesh bag.

Boxed NES.

1950's harlequin cocktail glasses. There only appears to be two different colours, but they're actually all different. They're lovely. I use them for icecream :)

The left orange mouse was from my Grandma's fridge. Then last week I found two more which I thought was kind of cool so now he has friends.

These brooches are just lovely!

Lots of jewelery to report on today, these pieces came from one of the ladies who works at the opshop near my work. She knows what I like and brought these in for me from her personal collection as she was doing a clearout. They were hers as a teenager. I feel so special that she thought of me and I'll treasure them. Today (If I had have gone into work) She was bringing me in a box of her grandma's clip on earrings that none of her grand kids wanted. I am a lucky girl.

My Mum is also a lucky girl. She has a good relationship with her opshop ladies too, and every time she goes in she says, "don't forget to tell me if you find diamonds or gollies!!" Half joking but mostly serious haha. Lucky she said it though, because a lady pulled her aside and said these had just came in and Mum got first dibs.
It's a beautiful set including necklace, bracelet, and screw on earrings (ouch) They're soooo heavy and just amazing to look at! Mum gave them to me to possibly wear for my special occasion I mentioned above. I've tried them all on so many times and always feel like Carrie from Bedknobs and Broomsticks when she's at Portobello market with all the jewelery on. A kid trying on her mums jewels!

I hope she doesn't expect them back!

Mum also bought me the following

A Dior scarf

These are gorgeous. Cute brass figures of little children. I'm not big on brass things, but I do like these.

Best book ever. It's so so thick full of great photos and patterns from the 70's!

And lastly, I received this brooch in the mail because Mum was too excited to wait for me to visit to give it to me! Little diamonds for eyes, this is the cutest owl brooch I've ever seen! :) You have to touch it to understand. And its not Diva... it's vintageeeee yum.

That's about all from me today!

To check out my other finds head to

Have a great opshopping week :)


Gina E. said...

Oh WOW Trish!!! I thought I was doing well, but you have really struck gold (or should I say diamonds, LOL)! I love all your finds, but I love the owl best. I'm an owl-aholic from way back. That is soooo cute.

emma said...

We had those orange mouse fridge magnets at home when I was a kid. It was great to see them again. I used to play with them ALL the time.

adelle said...

Those shoes are sooo cute!! I love them! Beautiful blue!

muskawo said...

oh those little mice magnets!! someone used to have them (I think it was my nana) and now I wish I had some, I'd forgotten all about them

Anonymous said...

holy crap i need that owl

Anonymous said...

oh wow i need that owl

Anonymous said...

love that book 70´s patter making and sewinf books are the best :DD

Justin Schwartz said...

omg I want that NES in the box! and the glasses too...