Monday, 15 December 2008

Salvo's in Wells Rd Chelsea Heights

Was driving by this store and thought I should have a look. Looks to have plenty of clothes but not sure if they were any good. Most of the doodads were a bit on the new side for me, not much in the way of retroie goodness. I did buy a nice Citizen Quartz watch with a brown analogue face and the day date display underneath on a led panel, nice gold band, glass badly scratched but it was only $6 and it works and I'm wearing it now.
I spied a lovely glass elephant about 7-8 cm high, from memory blue glass with green flakes inside, looked to be in very good condition. The price was $70 approx, I asked the man and he said it was Murano glass. So if anyone is in to collecting elephants or Murano glass probably worth a look. Its in the display case against the wall near the counter on the right as you walk in. Could be a nice Chrissy pressie for someone.

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