Wednesday, 5 November 2008

More things

I probably should stop buying vintage jumpers and jackets and big, furry zip vests since it's now heating up here in oz-land, but op-shopping isn't very seasonal and I can never turn down a great find based purely on the weather!


Fur is always a touchy subject. Actually, this vest is made from faux fur but it reminded me of a real vintage fur cape that I sold in the past that got me a few nasty emails during the listing. I wouldn't wear fur myself (don't really like the look) but I'm not against anyone who chooses to wear vintage ones. Personally I feel like this is a sustainable way of dealing with the fur that already exists. I guess the other argument is that wearing these garments still makes them desirable and therefore promotes the trade. What are your thoughts?

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Gina E. said...

I used to work in the fur trade (wholesale) and I bought an Australian fox fur jacket while I was there at a greatly reduced rate from the retail price of about $900. Mind you, that was 25 years ago, and it makes me feel quite ill to see them in opshops now for a few dollars!! I should have waited.
But I love my fur jacket, it is so warm on a cold day. I don't have any hangups about it being a fox, because they are an introduced pest species that do a lot of damage to Australian wildlife.

saray said...

I love fur , but like you said i don't know if i'd wear it..

Prada*Princess said...

I'm a vegetarian but I still love fur jackets. I think that wearing vintage fur is far better than wearing new fur, and I have no qualms with people wearing it. The deed is done right? However I do think we need to be careful with new furs. I would never wear new fur but I'm fine with vintage and I love faux fur (if it's made well who can tell?)

Ann O'Dyne said...

mini foxfur coat was the absolute pinnacle of Miss Mod-ness in Melbourne winter 1969.

willywagtail said...

Waste not, want not. Aren't greenies into recycling. Isn't it better for an existing product to be used than in a landfil (although they would rot fast LOL) It is a pity that realities of the older lifestyle when people were less greedy than the world is now should be made into such a dirty subject that everyone has to change their mind about things that they really love. I am not for wasteful taking of animal lives and hate the weight of fur coats and those huge collars (yes I am old enough to remember when they were a fashion acessory) but how would mankind have survived the cold for centuries and why should people who UNKNOWINGLY supported such an industry in the past have to loose their money or warmth because what was mandatory almost in their time is now incorrect?! I'll stop ranting but you get the Cherrie!

Anonymous said...

I am against fur, vintage or otherwise. I think poorly of anyone who thinks such a disgusting thing is acceptable - they clearly lack compassion and empathy.