Friday, 12 October 2007

Sorrento contributes to my library again!

Hooray for JackandAndy's op shop at the bottom of Sorrento's main street! Tuesday: eight books (they all look as if they've been read once, most still have their Antipodes $32.95 pricetags on them) for $18.50. I realise they're not the GREATEST baragins in the world, but given that all my books invariably make their way into about five other homes thanks to my motherr-in-law, an excellent buy = I not only get THEM to read, but 'borrowing rights' to other books in return. Hooray!!!


Amelia said...

good work! what are some of the titles?

Chelzigirl said...

Fear, by Jeff Abbott, The Sunday Wife, By Cassandra King, (they're the ones I've read) - and this week I stumbled across the Oxford Companion to Music (like, an $80 reference book that I've always balked at buying because i don't actually NEED it) for $5. Happy day.

Anonymous said...

JackAndAndy's is a lovely op shop. I've visited each summer for the past three years and have never left empty-handed. A couple of weeks ago, I scored a handful of vintage buttons and an embroidered doily. I think I paid $3. Nice staff, too.