Wednesday, 24 October 2007

doing 'the rounds'.....

As fate would have it today, i was meant to opshop! not that i need much encouragement you understand, but today it all just fell into place.

Our family BUS has been leaking bits and pieces and making funny noises for a few days now, Ty normally handles this side of life, not this morning...
When the BUS started spewing litres of coolant in the carpark of Theo's, I had to act.

Our lovely trustworthy fantastic mechanic is in Croydon so we limped down and left the BUS in his capable hands, 3 hours of bakery, park, and 'the rounds' ensued:Vinnie's, the Salvos, Red Cross on Main street and The Brotherhood of St Larence around the corner.

Waiting, waiting, waiting....lots of waiting!
My companions were well behaved/asleep and it was lovely to have no excuses but to browse.

Lots of treasures to be had, two cardies for Ami, a cool linen growth chart, a very loud smock style apron which will be harvested for its fabricy goodness, and some shirts that WILL fit if i get back to the gym and put down the tim-tam!

Most times, if the opping gods are kind, i tend to come away with a favorite, a pearler, something that makes doing 'the rounds' worthwhile...
Presenting Marion, my new writing compendium...

Marion, who were you?

Somebody obliviously felt that you were very special, gold embossed lettering, smart blue leather.

Marion, why didn't you ever use it?

20 crisp envelopes and a fresh 'Basildon Bond' writing pad

The gold engraved plaque reads, 'from Typists, Pensions Repat. Dept. 1972'

Retirement, promotion, years of service?I will never know.
For $2 i couldn't leave you behind, Marion you will have a new life with me, i will use you and continue to dream about the intent behind your presentation.

For me that's the real joy in opp shopping, finding little treasures, imagining their past life and giving them a new one...