Sunday, 2 September 2007

op in the city

Back when I was at high school we would rush down Chapel Street after school to catch the Salvation Army op shop before it closed at 4:00pm. School holidays were a bonus when you could actually go to all those op shops that were otherwise denied to you because they were closed on the weekend. There would be a train ride out to an otherwise nondescript suburban shopping strip, just for the sake of visiting the op shop.

Op shop opening hours are more commercially aligned these days, Saturday trading is the norm and there are even a fabulous few which are open on a Sunday. And city workers do not despair, there is a great Salvation Army op shop up the top of Bourke Street, just about opposite Pellegrini's. It's open Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm. I tried on some Scanlan&Theodore and some Saba trousers there the other day - they didn't fit so they might still be there ...

Remember, addresses, telephone numbers and a growing list of opening hours for every op shop in Melbourne are listed over there in the side bar. Just click.

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Chelzigirl said...

Oh, that was the best part of being at uni and having afternoons to waste! Random disembarking along the Frankston line to explore suburban main streets and check out their op-shop offerings! One particular afternoon I remember lugging home an awesome biker jacket (black leather, full zips, studs, felt like ten kilos) on a 34-degree day. It was $10. I love that jacket.