Sunday, 30 September 2007

book review: part 1

A month ago or so I included some information about the release of this great book, Inventory: on op shops by Enza Gandolfo and Sue Dodd from Victoria University.

I have really been enjoying looking through this book, particularly because it focuses on some western suburbs op shops which are outside my neighbourhood. There are many ideas and themes in the book that resonate which I plan to share here over the course of a few posts.

How many times have you proudly been able to say "I bought it at the op shop" when someone compliments what you're wearing. That's how Sue and Enza met over the photocopier, each admiring the other's skirt. I complimented a colleague at work last week on her lovely fine green knit - she bought it at the op shop - hooray! A lot of what I wear to work comes from the op shop including a nice little Alannah Hill skirt, black, simple with a flounce at the back which gets noticed every now and then.

Grab a copy of this book or request that your local library buy it and share the op shopping message!

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