Thursday, 22 October 2015

Opping again

It has been a long time between op shopping adventures. Moving home and other pressures has kept me away from the shops but I had an opportunity to call into the Salvos and Vinnies stores in Main Street, Mornington. These are really interesting shops with helpful staff and lots of treasures and good quality clothing and homewares.

I was looking for a sunhat to decorate (which I will show you later) and I found one at the Salvos for $6. 

At Vinnies I found an irresistable pendant  for just $4.


Running Amok With An Ax said...

That's a lovely pendant - great find!

Unknown said...

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Op-Stop said...

What great finds! I'm sure those pendants will go with heaps of outfits.
We've got a bunch of Salvos and Vinnies opshop reviews on our op-stop site if you were interested in finding more stores in your area:

Chloe said...

Love your blog, and aren't there some wonderful finds out there.

Keep posting.