Wednesday, 25 June 2014

No more regular posts from me.

I haven't had time to post anything here for a while due to the renovations going on here.  I've brought home a few odds and ends from the BSL in Eltham, but I've been donating more stuff than I've been buying!
I have quit working at the opshop every Friday now, as I was getting exhausted by the end of the day, so I have put my name down as an 'emergency' - just to fill in if someone is away sick or on holidays.   I've really enjoyed my stint there, and will continue to drop in now and then to donate stuff or see what is new on the shelves. 


Anonymous said...

Hello, I enjoyed your post about the Trinos op shop, I went there today and scored my best op shop buy ever :) I'm hoping to get to Dot's in Coburg this week.

loves2opshop said...

Hey there, love reading your blog about all the great things you find and visited quite afew of them too :)
I'm starting a new type of op shopping tour and would love to hear what you think: