Sunday, 5 May 2013

Vintage wedding gown

 I am in a bit of a muddle with my photos - I don't think I have shown this before.

I bought it at Vinnies in Tyabb Road, Mornington.

Whoever wore this must have been very slim. 


Ky said...

It's gorgeous!

RobynJ said...

That is absolutely fabulous.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful :)

Karen said...

Are you getting married and wearing this frock? If not, what are you going to do with such a beautiful gown?

Halima - Fashionicide said...

It does look quite slim! Bet the lady looked like a right knockout in this dress.



DIAN said...

Thanks for all the nice comments. No I am not about to be married - that happened 45 years ago and we are hanging in there.

I will probably sell the gown on ebay. It is gorgeous. And so small.
It may have been my size 45 years ago but not now.

Karen said...

Dian, thanks for answering my question. It is beautiful and I hope a lovely bride buys it from you and is happy on her wedding day. You have rescued it for someone else I really like that idea it makes me smile.