Saturday, 10 December 2011

BSL Eltham.

I SWEAR I am not buying any more stuff than I would if I was just dropping in and not working there! It is only because I am there for two half days a week, and not just 10 minutes now and then, that I see more stuff arriving and can pounce on it before the customers see it.
Like this Nativity set, sitting on the front counter as I walked in the door at 9 am this morning.   The price was $12.  All the little figurines are perfect, no scratches or chips.  I've been wanting something like this for years, but wasn't prepared to pay $60+.   But $12?  No worries!
Just when my old opshop watch had carked it, I found this in the shop for $5.

Nice summer dress for $4.50.

2007 Collection of Stamps of Taiwan.  It had just come in with some donations, and my manager didn't have any idea what price to put on it.  It is probably worth about $60, but before I could tell her that, she said if you want it you can have it for $5.   I do actually collect stamps, and would have paid a lot more for this, but I wasn't going to argue!!


Ren said...

Working in an op-shop would be a dream job for me! Lucky I don't because I don't have the space. Great finds.

Anonymous said...

I thought Op shop workers weren't allowed to purchase items until they had been on the floor for a certain period of time to make it fair to everyone else...?

Eva said...

yeah its nice place though not so big.