Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Three opshop visits today.

I had to drive over to Lilydale today, to deliver some craft stuff to the Showgrounds. Driving back through the town along the highway, I noticed two opshops, and having time to spare before I started work at the BSL in Eltham, I decided to check out the opposition! Both shops were large, clean, and had a large variety of lovely stock. At Vinnies, I spent $5 on a skirt (Black Pepper) and $7 on a set of Aussie pubs placemats - what a bargain! They are as good as new.

A few doors up, I spent $6.50 at the Salvos.
One magazine for 50 cents.
A complete box of oil paints, never used by the look of them - $6.

Back at the Brotherhood in Eltham for the afternoon's work, I had a quick look around and found these.
A belt rack hanger for Ken's belts. They are all over the floor at the moment.
Sretch pants (Millers) for $4.50. They are more of a terracotta colour than the red in this photo.
Stunning peacock brooch - $15. I thought this was far too expensive, but the lady who prices the jewellery that comes into our opshop must think she works in an antique shop sometimes; her prices are way too high. But I love peacocks, so I had to have it. I do get a discount though.
A boxed Calligraphy set - $1. Super bargain!! There were extra tubes of inks in it which was why I bought it. I've got more fountain pens than you could poke a stick at, but I had run out of those ink tubes.


daisy said...

That peacock brooch is gorgeous!

Miss Claire said...

I love the brooch, and the pants sound like a great colour! There are a few more 'secret' op-shops in Lilydale, have a look at the list on this page next time you go through :) Xoxox

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