Wednesday, 19 May 2010

everything but what i intended to buy

Scored these from the Vinnie's in High Street, Kew, along with a couple other pieces you can see at my blog. I was looking for a wooden kid's table for my two year old. Think I'll have to start scouring eBay for one instead.

Everything at the Vinnie's in Kew is a bit more expensive that average op shops (though still bargains), but I usually find great looking designer wear. And it's good to remember that the money goes to a very good cause.


EmilyKate said...

They're some great finds! I especially like the top with the ruffly neckline, the bottom pic.

It's true, lots of opshops are really onto the fact that people sell designer stuff secondhand on ebay and pretty much price their nicer items to match/discourage people from buying to re-sell... the days of finding designer stuff for a dollar or two seem to be in the past but you can't really begrudge them!

As for furniture, yes to ebay- do a search on your area for pickups only and you will likely score a bargain.

Elecat said...

*Great buys! :) *Some op shop buys are a little more expensive than others but, in most cases, you're still getting a bargain. I think it's fun to scurrage through a million and one pieces of crap to find that one perfect thing but it's also nice to go into the 'better' neat & merchandised stores and, like you said, your money goes to a good cause either way. *I always walk out with everything but what I intended to buy, lol! :)

Gina E. said...

Nice lot of clothes, Hayley. It certainly makes a difference where you opshop as to the quality of stuff you find, but you might have more of a chance with furniture in the south-eastern suburbs, as the younger families there are more likely to be taking kids stuff to opshops, rather than people in the inner suburbs. I've seen heaps of kids tables and other stuff at the Salvos and Vinnies over this side of town (I'm in the north-east).

Hayley said...

@EmilyKate - thanks! I think the ruffly one is my favourite, too.

I find that most of the op shops which aren't the biggies like Vinnie's or Salvo's are less organised buy cheaper. The quality is sometimes lower.

@Elecat - Yeah, definitely. The lacy black and brown top cost $20, which at first I wasn't going to buy. But compared to new clothes, or even buying second-hand online, it's still seriously cheap.

Sometimes I feel like hunting through the less organised stores, and other times I like knowing that I'll find good stuff.

@Gina E. - Thanks for the tip about the south eastern suburbs! I'll have to go to some next time I visit my mum. She lives down that way.

Michelle Elisabeth said...

super cute cardigan, I need one just like it to throw on in the evenings when it starts to get chilly!

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

I dont normally do this (true!!) but I have a small wooden kids table here in my ebay store if you are interested. item number on ebay 150419745573 I've listed it as a side table but perfect for little kiddos. Great finds by the way, yes I do find that oppie quite expensive too but great clothing.

pearl said...

I just read your post, I was at an opp shop in harp junction (opposite the harp hotel), Kew, yesterday and they have a small wooden table for $30. It's very neat (although very Ikea like), a great size for a child. I was thinking about it for my one year old but we just don't have the room at the moment. Good luck. :)