Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The New year is off to a good start!

I was in Ringwood last Saturday with my Other Half, killing time while he was looking at motorcycles. I didn't expect any of the opshops to be open this early in the year, but the new Salvos shop on Maroondah Highway was open and doing a roaring trade.
I found these goodies:
I love trays, and this cutie with teacups and coffee mugs for $3 was priced just right for me.
This shop always has heaps of craft magazines, and there is a chair conveniently close to that shelf, so I spent a happy half hour going through them all to find the ones that I like. $1 each.
This bolt of calico was unbelievably priced at $3.99! Even the cashier commented that it was a bargain.


MiM said...

goodness that calico is glorious! steal!

Anonymous said...

Yes, good bargain with the calico but the salvos still price magazines too high at $1.00. I refuse to shop at the salvos unless I am really desperate to find something knowing that I will pay top dollar.

Yes, it goes to charity but my argument is it is a more socially conscious policy when prices are low which should result in increased turnover for the charity.

The salvos high pricing defies logic!

Gina E. said...

Anon: I can sometimes find craft mags for less than $1, but you might be shocked to hear that two opshops I visit sell these glossy Patchwork/Handmade/Craft mags for FIVE DOLLARS! When I refused to pay that, the cashier said they were worth it, and they know that people will pay that much. Well, not this little Black Duck!

Anonymous said...

Good on you Gina E.

The more people who refuse to succumb to the Salvos and Vinnies high pricing may in time shift the mindset of these organisations that all people can pay their unfathomable prices.

I was in a small op shop in the country yesterday and a lady donated a bag of clothes with the comment that she no longer donates to Vinnies. She does not even go into their stores.

I joined in, along with another woman who supported her boycott wholeheartedly.

This blog can advocate to keep pricing in op shops reasonable.

prashant said...

it is a more socially conscious policy when prices are low which should result in increased turnover for the charity.

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Anonymous said...

Yes Prashant I agree. It is good you have joined in the debate.

I was in the Salvos yesterday looking for something specific, cushions but I walked in and out.

I ended up purchasing two lovely blue cushions in my local MS shop for $2.00 each. The salvos had similar at $6.50 ea.