Monday, 21 December 2009

best furniture op-shops?

I was wondering which are the best op-shops for second hand furniture? I have been a keen op-shopper for years but have been more into clothes and pretty things (rather than practical things like table & chairs).
Advice from veteran op-shoppers would be much appreciated!


Jessi said...

hi lauren... not sure where you reside, however Edithvale op shop (salvos or st vinneys - i forget) always has indoor furniture for sale. They even have an outside area where other items that are weather proof reside. It is on Nepean Hwy!

Savers also stock furniture!!

Bertie said...
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EmilyKate said...

St Vincent de Paul at 20 Crewe Rd Oakleigh is good. It's actually kind of hard to get furniture in opshops these days, and it's only the bigger ones that are able to keep it. This Vinnies seems to get good quality stuff and good electricals- I dropped off a flatscreen TV in there myself a few months ago.
Abbotsford Salvos is good for furniture too, not so much electricals- its a huge shop.

Bertie said...

I would also recommend Edithvale's St Vinnies! Every time I go there they always seem to have some nice old wardrobes and sometimes lovely dressing tables :>

Miss Claire said...

The Vinnies on Dorset road in Bayswater is fabulous! It's a big industrial size building with a small clothes shop in the front. They always have lots of art deco wardrobes, rows and rows of couches, kitchen dressers and shelving. They've also got a nice selection of electrical stuff. And the Salvos in Kilsyth on the corner of Colchester and Canterbury rd has a lot of furniture. And a really good selection of up-to-date books.

Anonymous said...

Vinnies in Granbourne but it is too expensive for my liking. Ebay can be cheaper these days and you can shop from the comfort of home.

Lyn said...

Hi, I have some old furniture you can have for nothing, if you like! It's a bedroom setting (dressing table with mirror, wardrobe, old wooden bed) and a display cabinet from the dining room. All from my mum's place, so it's about 1960s stuff.
I can send you photos if you like. You can collect it anytime this week if you're interested.
Oh, it's in Pascoe Vale South.

Anonymous said...

I found some good quality items of furniture and homeware, collectable stuff from Gumtree on this seller. Check it out

Anonymous said...

Salvos in Noble Park has a big space dedicated to big furniture (couches, tables, wardrobes, etc), and the St Vinnies on Springvale Rd nearby usually has a lot of wardrobes and dressing tables.

prashant said...

They even have an outside area where other items that are weather proof reside. It is on Nepean Hwy!

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