Friday, 23 January 2009

Op Shop Public Transport Challenge

This is something I do every now and then (usually when I'm feeling energetic!) and I thought I'd throw it open to you all to see if anyone wanted to organise a meet-up out of it otherwise this can be done on your own.

Pick a train/bus route.
Check out how many op shops are on that route and work out your most desired mode of attack efficient way of visiting the shops.

I did this yesterday on the Hurstbridge line (yes, in that heat).
After checking out the Hurstbridge op shop I travelled down the line to Diamond Creek and checked out 2 of the 3 listed op shops there.
Now the only problems with yesterday was that the trains ran every 40 mins and the heat, giving a limited frolicking time in the op shops between trains otherwise I would have taken my time if not for the weather which curtailed further exploration at Eltham, Greensborough, etc.
But on a more milder day this could be an all day op shopping route to be enjoyed!

Another idea is leisurely walking from Oakleigh to the Hughesdale op shop, then on to Murrumbeena op shop then on to the Carnegie op shops, etc, or in any direction. You get exercise, out in the fresh air, the chance to stickybeak at some lovely homes and get some great finds.

Oh and the Hurstbridge op shop is a ripper for being VERY reasonably priced, too!


EmilyKate said...
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EmilyKate said...

I did the trainline from mordialloc to south yarra a couple weeks ago- lots of oppy's close to the train stations right through that section! never tried husrstbridge, I'll have to do it on my next weekday off!

nollyposh said...

oooooh you are an adventurous thing!
(That heat was dreadful yesterday!!!)
Some great ideas though thankyou for your inspiration... You could run your own little op shop tour business... i think that the use of public transport and exercise could be the unique twist to your tours? i'd be there and i know at least two others X:-) Could be fun...

Michelle said...

sounds great - i will def be interested :)

Bizarre Quilter said...

How thoughtful of you think of us all... thanks.

Chrisy said...

Yes it sounds like fun and would be good exercise...but what about all the goodies you'll have to to have a car about myself or i'm sure to see something that i just have to have and it'd be too big to carry!

spices for violet said...

What a great idea! I live on the Hurstbridge line, I should try this one day too!

Paul Perry said...

It's always public transport for me, because I can't drive (even if I could afford a car, which I certainly could not!)
The key to public transport opping, is to get up early & travel out to the furthest point to a St Vinnies or Sallys that opens at 9AM, then work back toward home.
Yes, it's a curse when the bag is full - but that isn't such a bad thing!
The 86 tram.. the 57 tram.. the Sydney Road tram.. see you there!

Jayne said...

Backpacks and shopping jeeps are the go for public transport op shopping.

That's exactly what I do, Paul, lol.

Maybe we should make up little badges saying "I Op Therefore I Am" to help us recognise each other on the trains, trams and buses lol?

nollyposh said...

Lol! Love the badge idea X;-)
i always have a trolley tOO!

Gina E. said...

I live on the Hurstbridge Line, so I know all the opshops you mentioned. This is a super idea, and I would be keen to join with someone/a group who know the opshops in areas that I don't usually venture to. I think Paul has the right idea, about starting early, going to the furthest point and working back into the city or wherever is convenient. Of course we'd have to wait until summer is over...can you imagine your train being cancelled in this heat, when you've just finished a very successful opshop trawl???