Tuesday, 24 July 2007

best find(s) ever

There is so much in our house that comes from the op shop that it is very difficult to choose just one thing. So, I've chosen one thing for each member of our household.

Yves Saint Laurent Homme blazer

Although this is a men's blazer I like to wear it as a jacket/coat when it gets cold. 100% wool, beautifully made. I bought it years ago at the South Melbourne Community Chest Opportunity Shop in Bank Street. $12.00 rings a bell.

Camper pelotas

My husband wears Camper shoes - usually just one pair until they fall apart. We went on a shopping expedition the other day and bought a couple of new pairs for him (they were 20% off) at which point he relinquished the totally dilapidated pair that he was wearing. The next day I was at the Sacred Heart Mission op shop on Inkerman Street, East St Kilda and found these Campers for $15.00 - identical to the ones that he gave up the day before, same colour, same size, just in better condition.

Fisher Price activity centre

When we visited a friend a few weeks ago I was green with envy over her original 1970s Fisher Price activity board - her mother had kept it packed away for almost 30 years. Thank you, thank you St Vincent's Benalla - $3.00.

What are your best op shop finds ever? Please share!

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